Melbourne:     Booking: 1300 976 404            Inquiries: 0422671455 

Our prices are regulated by the Victorian Taxi Directorate (VTD)

Current Taxicab Fares:

Flag Fall $5.20 When the meter starts
Distance Rate $1.804 calculated per kilometer
Booking Fee $2.00 entered in the meter at the start
Airport Booking Fee $3.00 Parking Fee

Taxi tolls as at 1 July 2013:

  • $5.60 Western Link
  • $5.60 Southern Link
  • $7.60 Both Links

  • $2.65 Melba tunnel or Mullum Mullum tunnel
  • $2.55 Any part of EastLink south of Maroondah Hwy
  • $5.57 One tunnel plus any part of EastLink south of Maroondah Hwy

*In areas where tolls are to be paid, drivers will be paid in addition to the metered fare.

Our taxis are also available for short trips with a conditionally applicable $11 silver service fee apart from the meter fare. This is a way to reflect our professional service and vehicle comfort that we offer to the client.

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